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 Infants explore the world by taste and touch; they're stepping stones to learning and exploring! In the AOJ infant program, we do our best to amplify these senses by providing activities with tasting  and touching  involved. For example, tummy time to prepare them for crawling or trying new foods (with the dietary needs of each infant considered, of course). Furthermore, they'll learn to share with others by interacting with infants and perhaps sharing toys.

As babies develop, they move into our toddlers’ program. Energy, excitement, and extreme mobility are some of the qualities that define a toddler. Fun play schedules and indoor and outdoor activities support our toddlers as they navigate their first relationships and create their own identities. Our classroom provides plenty of room for toddlers to move around and explore.

Preschoolers are ready to take chances and experiment with new things. With support from our staff, these curious young minds will tackle new challenges and develop the skills they’ll need for kindergarten and beyond. At AOJ, our preschool classroom provides high-quality educational opportunities and enrichment activities. 

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